How to produce Rattle in Kar-va-Andisheh

Single baby rattle

Length: 128 mm

Width: 123 mm

Pack of 100 pieces

Code: 10000

Baby rattles, 4 pieces

Length: 205 mm

Width: 305 mm

Pack of 48 pieces

Code: 11000

The production of the product is done by plastic injection machines and the use of the best raw materials, and it is kept in a completely isolated environment until its production cycle is complete.

Then, beautiful prints are printed on the products using the tampo machine, the beauty of the product is multiplied and the child can have a very good relationship with it.

And after the above steps, the most important part is the plastic or ultrasonic welding. Through this service, the parts of the products are welded together and do not come apart in any way. The important issue about the baby rattle is the good welding, which breaks when the child plays. do not

After all the steps are finished, it goes to the test stage and if there are defects in the production, it is separated from the rest of the products and the rest of the material is packed and goes to the market for our beloved child to play with.