About industries of Kar-va-Andisheh | K&A

About K&A’s | Kar-va-Andisheh industries and the unique features of the collection

In the beginning, K or K&A was started because at the time of launching the K&A collection, it was tried to be modeled after famous foreign brands. Therefore, the products of China were put under the microscope of K&A and it was observed that they have been able to produce products with high circulation by working hard and using good machines and new mold making models. So, the use of good machines and the use of new molds with high mechanism and non-stop work became our model and the same A, which is the same idea.

It became our duty to compete with them, and when we analyzed them, we realized that the quality of their products is lower than the products of our country, and maybe some items were not of good quality, so we decided to produce a product that is competitive in terms of price. And in terms of quality, it has a high degree. So the European products were checked and we modeled a series of items that were useful and used them to strengthen the assembly of the product and from there the K&A brand decided to shine this name all over the world.

صنایع کار و اندیشه

Kar-va-Andisheh manufacturing industries have been operating since 2015. After the establishment of this brand, by gathering an experienced staff in various fields of design, mold making, production and sales, this collection has made new molds with the best mechanism and material.

Having up-to-date knowledge and equipment

Having up-to-date equipment and machinery and professional knowledge in the field of making plastic parts

great service

The aim of this collection is to provide a great service in the toy industry of this country

The highest possible circulation

Kar and Andisheh has been able to produce its products in the highest possible circulation and supply them to domestic and foreign markets

High quality, low price

The aim of this collection is to produce high quality products for all the middle and lower classes of the society.

Numerous and creative workforce

This group has been able to employ numerous and creative workforce in a busy production unit with the hope of growing and progressing more and more.

Supply in domestic and foreign markets

Production of quality products at cheap prices suitable for domestic and foreign markets